Firewood Pizza

As I walked through the dusty road of the Dhumbarahi chok, my feet took me to the front door of Pokhareli Firewood Pizza where we get the only triangle that makes us happy and that is “PIZZA”. As I enter the place the aroma of the pizza took me to paradise. As I sat down I hurriedly ordered chicken salami pizza. The reason this place is famous because they serve firewood pizza here. The base of the pizza is not very thick. They do not use butter and egg. It is very crispy. They have an open kitchen so the aroma coming from the kitchen drives you crazy. The heat inside the place where they cook is so intense that it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to cook the pizza. On the crispy base the cheese blends with all the toppings it feels like the heaven is just a step away.

The taste of this pizza is more distinct than the most of the pizza we find in Kathmandu. And not to forget the hot sauce which make the pizza more delicious, it contains olive oil, chili and garlic. The mixture of the taste is so beautiful that it makes everyone go


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