Momo are Nepal’s version of dumplings, and usually contain steamed vegetables or meat. Momo are usually accompanied by one or two dips, often with tomato base or fermented vegetables. Condiments in Nepal are sometimes quite spicy and often contain raw chili and garlic. Similar to the gyoza found in Japan, momo are also consumed in parts of India, Bhutan and Tibet, and arevery popular snack. There are some interesting variants of momo, with filling involving cheese (paneer or churrpi) or potato. For the most flavorsome momo, the traditional meat and vegetable are a must eat. For good quality Nepelese dumplings, in addition to other traditional foods from Nepal, travelers favor BOTA momo.
People prefer BOTA momo because of the unique design and style of the momo. Here we can find different types of momo like open momo. The design catches the attention of the people which makes it hard to resist. The array of chatni with hot momo is the best combination while we’re hungry. Open momo, close momo and a list of momos are available to feed the hunger.


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