Anlayzing the busy street in Basantapur, my foot took me to a small shop with lot of smoke coming out of it. The smell went to my nose and filled me with hunger. The sekuwa cooked in the natural log fire has the best taste in itself.
Sekuwa is generally very popular in Nepal. At first the meat in its raw state is mixed with the natural spices and other necessary ingredients. With the hungry stomach I went to the shop. The taste was overwhelming.
Combine the raw meat and all other ingredients in a large bowl. Mix
well, cover, and refrigerate for an hour. This allows the ingredients
to fully develop their delicate flavors.
In the mean time heat charcoal grill, clean the grill surface thoroughly
to avoid the sticking problem. Take 1/2 cup of lamb mixture on palm, and
mold into 3-in. long sausage. Insert a pre-soaked skewer through the
sausage. Repeat with the remaining lamb mixture. Generously brush all
lamb sausages with melted butter. Grill the sausages, occasionally
turning and basting with butter until cooked through, about 10 min.
Take off the grill and brush the cooked sekuwas with butter before
serving. Arrange the sekuwas on the bed of rice pilaf and
tomato-cucumber salad. Goes well with chili-cilantro chutney.



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