Chatpate, Nepali special dish

maxresdefaultWell, in the month of monsoon, the favorite dish that we Nepali prefer is chatpate. An easier to make food can suit any weather. from a children to an adult chatpate is very famous.Chatpate is one of the most popular and desired junk (street) foods in Nepal. Be it inside or outside the Kathmandu valley, everybody simply loves chatpate. The tangy spicy food tastes great when every ingredient is blended in balance. Children, teenagers as well as adults, especially females of almost every age group love Chatpate.

There are various types and varieties of chatpate. Some of them are simple combination of few major ingredients while other uses various ingredients. Among the various, Chana Chatpate, Murai Chatpate, Chauchau Chatpate is few to name. No matter what else you mix it with, the key ingredients in chatpate are murai (puffed rice), onion, tomato, chickpea (roasted or soaked raw), vegetable oil, salt and lemon.


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