Chatamari is a thin crepe/ pancake made with rice flour, topped with chopped or ground meat with seasoning. Chatamari looks similar to the popular south Indian dish dosa. Dosa is thinner and crisper than Chatamari and dosa is also rolled with potato masala whereas Chatamari is not rolled. This is an excellent and delicious appetizer from the Nepali cuisine.

Chatamari looks very similar to an Asian pizza and is very popularly prepared in the Newari cuisine in Himalayas. Chatamari is a kind or rice crepe and is a special dish of Newars. It is a special form of Newari roti made by rice flour chatamari.jpgis used specially during the guthis of Newars. Traditionally it has been popular among the other cultures as well. Many restaurants of Kathmandu serve this delicious dish and some restaurants also have names like Chatamari restaurant.


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